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July 30, 2024

Mission Statement of Lupe Encinas, Candidate for Glendale City Council – Yucca District

I want to hold more public discussions where our residents can speak freely, ask questions, and share their thoughts and concerns. I want to make possible an informed community whose members are aware of programs and resources that can benefit them and their families’ daily existence.

I support and will always represent the interests of small business owners in our community! I believe that small businesses are the backbone of our local economy. For our neighborhoods to prosper, small businesses must prosper.

Owners of small businesses don’t just give back, although we do that, too. We are involved in all aspects of living in the West Valley, and are hands-on. I pledge to be the voice of the small business community.

I will work closely with our first responders to learn what they need to make their work more effective and less stressful. We need additional police officers, including resource officers, and fire department personnel in our community. Those needs will only increase as Westgate expands and new entertainment attractions are established nearby. Every Glendale district has unique needs, but the Yucca District is faced with some particularly vigorous challenges. The vitality of small business cannot afford to wither as large business explodes. Together we can create an environment where we all contribute to a sustainable, prosperous way of life.

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Contributions to Committee to Elect Lupe Encinas for Glendale City Council are not deductible as a charitable donation for Federal Income tax purposes. Individuals may contribute up to $6,650 per election cycle and a couple may contribute $13,300 per election cycle. PAC’s may contribute up to $6,650. Contributions from corporations, LLC’s, labor unions and foreign nationals are prohibited. Arizona law requires that Committee to Elect Lupe Encinas’ best efforts to obtain and report full name, residence address and primary employer of an individual making a contribution.

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